Midweek Focus


Zoom | 45 min. | €15

Sharpen your focus — Reduce stress & anxiety — Increase your energy — Release blocks & stuck emotions — Gain more clarity

It’s Wednesday and your tank feels more than half empty?

We breathe for 25–30 minutes. Grounding and energizing breathwork with hyperventilation and breath holds.

Please set up your landing pad (bed, sofa, or yoga mat) and have anything you need to get comfy (warm socks, blanket, small pillow, journal, water). Or just breathe with me sitting at your desk – or wherever you are.

(Re-)Sharpen your focus and make this week a success for you!

More benefits of breathwork

This session is not recommended if you are pregnant or suffering from serious health conditions. When in doubt, please get approval from your physician.

Never practise hyperventilation and breath holds in or near water – or anywhere else where fainting can be dangerous.