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1:1 Coaching

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I'm passionate


  • •︎ Regulate your state on demand.
  • •︎ Stay calm amidst the storm.
  • •︎ Buffer stressors and prevent burnout.
  • • Utilize positive stress.
  • •︎ Improve sleep quality.

  • • ︎Work smarter, not harder.
  • •︎ Build sustainable productivity.
  • •︎ Overcome procrastination.
  • •︎ Manage your time efficiently.
  • •︎ Leave earlier with a good feeling.

  • •︎ Be prepared for emergencies.
  • •︎ Build a rock-solid foundation.
  • •︎ Quickly bounce back from stressors.
  • •︎ Peak performance under pressure.
  • •︎ Cultivate a more balanced life.

  • • ︎Get the important stuff done.
  • •︎ Master the art of deep work.
  • •︎ Set clear goals.
  • •︎ Protect your focus from distractions.
  • • Priotitize when things get hectic.

  • I'm specialised in lawyers.
  • I also work with in-house lawyers, other legal professionals, and people in other high-stress environments.


My values

for our

1:1 coaching

We are partners at eye level. I empower you to find the tailored solution for your individual challenges. I am your unbiased sparring partner and bring all my knowledge to the table. To ensure an efficient coaching process.
We always work with a clear goal in mind. At the beginning of each session, we define your desired outcomes. We also identify your North Star: an overarching goal for your transformation that covers your coaching journey.
Your journey has priority. We can always switch – from working on your initial goal to what is most important to you at that moment. With everything I know. Which we can use and combine as needed. To propel you towards your goals.
Sessions are usually 90 minutes, every other week. In person or online. We can adapt to your individual preferences and schedule.



I use and combine

Gain new insights and clarity. Find your unique solution for your challenges. Through questions and observations, rather than direct advice. I am your unbiased sparring partner. Who helps you untangle your mind and access your wisdom and power within.
Quick and direct breathing exercises for specific use cases. Ready to use in your busy life. Learn to change the state of your body and mind on demand. And understand why and how this works.
Tap into the wisdom of your body and access your subsconscious for deep transformation. Become present in the moment, release blocks and stuck energy, and gain more clarity.
Other tools and habits to manage stress and boost productivity, resilience, and focus. That I can provide as a shortcut for you.
My methods are backed by research and real-world application, delivering tangible results for immediate integration into your daily routine.

Get in touch if you have any questions. Also, see what my clients say.

What my clients say

Read more testimonials here.


I had my first ever breathwork session with Jan. Great guidance, voice, and effect. I came out of full stress, with just enough time to throw off my jacket before the session started. The breathwork was an absolute mind changer, a very powerful reset button. It‘s amazing how you come down through breathing. I also arrived with pain in my body, which was gone after the session.


- Germany


“I did a workshop with Jan. I particularly liked the very accessible and direct description of the breathing techniques and the trusting atmosphere. My most important takeaway is realizing that 'recollection' of seemingly obvious activities like breathing can be very helpful for emotional access and control. Try it out, it works immediately.

In-house lawyer

- Germany


I did a morning breathwork session with Jan. After that I felt calmer and clearer. The basic tension was gone. I was more focused, totally awake and ready for the packed day with an important board meeting.


- Germany