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I'm passionate


  • •︎ Regulate your state on demand.
  • •︎ Stay calm amidst the storm.
  • •︎ Buffer stressors and prevent burnout.
  • • Utilize positive stress.
  • •︎ Improve sleep quality.

  • • ︎Work smarter, not harder.
  • •︎ Build sustainable productivity.
  • •︎ Overcome procrastination.
  • •︎ Manage your time efficiently.
  • •︎ Leave earlier with a good feeling.

  • •︎ Be prepared for emergencies.
  • •︎ Build a rock-solid foundation.
  • •︎ Quickly bounce back from stressors.
  • •︎ Peak performance under pressure.
  • •︎ Cultivate a more balanced life.

  • • ︎Get the important stuff done.
  • •︎ Master the art of deep work.
  • •︎ Set clear goals.
  • •︎ Protect your focus from distractions.
  • • Priotitize when things get hectic.

  • I'm specialised in lawyers.
  • I also work with in-house lawyers, other legal professionals, and people in other high-stress environments.


My values

for our


I empower you to build and refine your own systems. To navigate your challenges. Around stress management, productivity, resilience, and focus.
I combine theoretical understanding with hands-on practice for effective learning.
I foster participation and collaboration in a dynamic workshop setting; no death by PowerPoint.
Tailored corporate workshops are 90+ minutes, maximizing impact within your busy schedule.



I use and combine

Quick and direct breathing exercises for specific use cases. Ready to use in your busy life. Learn to change the state of your body and mind on demand. And understand why and how this works.
Guided breathwork as a quick reset. For deep relaxation, focus, and energy. Experience the power of breathwork firsthand.
Other tools and habits to manage stress and boost productivity, resilience, and focus.
My methods are backed by research and real-world application, delivering tangible results for immediate integration into your daily routine.

Get in touch if you have any questions. Also, see what my clients say.

What my clients say

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“I did a workshop with Jan. I particularly liked the very accessible and direct description of the breathing techniques and the trusting atmosphere. My most important takeaway is realizing that 'recollection' of seemingly obvious activities like breathing can be very helpful for emotional access and control. Try it out, it works immediately.

In-house lawyer

- Germany


“Jan's workshop was a nice mix of theory and practice: learning new things and applying them straight away. I particularly liked the practical exercises. The workshop helped me develop a greater awareness for breathing. Game changer!


- Germany


The workshop with Jan was a very high return with minimal time investment. In a very short time, you gain initial access to a very powerful tool: your breath. I particularly liked the practical exercises which were an exciting self-experiment. I use the breath intuitively to a certain extent to regulate my emotions without ever having thought of systematically tapping into its potential. Thanks for the great impulse – will continue!


– Germany